Day 248

As I write this Ellie will have just about clocked up 24 hours of one to one daddy time. It has been really nice staying with her in the hospital even though she keeps talking me into hugs when we should both be sleeping.

The whole family is coming in tomorrow to celebrate Hannah’s baptism. We were always going to do that as part of the coming home celebrations but Ellie has decided that it will have to happen in the hospital instead (i.e. Ellie is taking too long and we don’t want to make Hannah wait any longer).

Ellie, getting baptised is one of the milestones you reached well before (Hannah something to keep up your sleeve).




5 thoughts on “Day 248

  1. Ellie is far too occupied making goo-goo eyes at her Daddy to get the concept that you’re supposed to look at the camera for a selfie – cute! Hope you all enjoy Hannah’s baptism today – looking forward to the photos. xo


  2. That is the best picture ever, just beautiful !! You are all so strong and it certainly gives us all inspiration, a big congratulations to Hannah on her Baptism, in our thoughts every day 🙂 xxxxxxx


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