Day 251

The sleep team are finally happy with Ellie! She is on high flow, 6 litres and 30% oxygen. That is less than 2 litres per kilos, so I’m hoping our feeding plans can still go ahead. All of this will all be sorted out at the meeting on Thursday.

For the first time on her life Ellie will start on formula that is made according to the tin! No extra scoops of powder, no extra oils, fats or proteins!! She put on 300 grams last week which is too much (if she puts on weight too quickly it will turn to fat and make breathing harder. She is currently 5.28kgs!! Now she just needs to grow into it (her height still isn’t on the growth chart).



2 thoughts on “Day 251

  1. Wow, is it just me or does getting on regular formula feel like a really, really big milestone? Go Ellie you little ripper!!
    And as always, beautiful pics of Hannah and Ellie together!!


  2. That’s great news about pleasing the sleep team – Ellie is really leaping ahead – 5.28kg – that’s nearly 7 times her birth weight by my calculations – impressive! I’m with Ellie, BTW – I keep maintaining that I’m too short for my weight (my story and I’m sticking to it)
    They are gorgeous photos of gorgeous subjects x
    PS Ellie, your mother is getting all excited about baby formula – just wait till you get to taste Vegemite toast!


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