Day 254

Not a big news day today. Ellie had one hour off her feeds today and will potentially go to two hours either split or together on Monday. No solids yet, that will start next week.

Other than the girls conspiring against me and starting to stir while there was a 4 at the beginning of the clock and pooing and vomiting on a student nurse (Ellie), it’s been a pretty normal, twin plus two boys kinda day. We even managed to squeeze in a school fair this evening….. not sure if I have said it here before but I have come to accept our lives are insane and that is now our normal!
On a side note many of our NICU and ICU friends are either home and thriving or progressing well. However there are a couple even we have left behind. Although their journeys have been shorter in many ways they are much harder. Everyone deals with these journeys differently, but everyone needs support. So as we try to support others as they to support us, we can’t do much more that pray for their precious kids. So tonight if you are willing I would ask prayers/good thoughts etc be directed to lungs, kidneys and hearts/windpipes. So that Ellie and two of her friends can meet up and play happily in the park in the future.


Mummy look same same hearing aides. I love lions Raaaah! (Our little lion heart)

Chillin’ with Mumma (Hannah was asleep)


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