Day 256

Well no too much to tell again, weekends are pretty quiet on the ward. Hannah pooed up her back/tummy and all over her clothes for the second time in two days. Ellie decided to milk the fact I felt bad leaving her this afternoon and cried and whinged if I didn’t hold all morning (she has been an angel since I left and got hugs and stories from her nurse, the one time she has been awake).

It is a nice little family on the ward, there are a few of us that help each other out (mostly seeing the dryer empty and putting clothes in for each other), but we take the time to chat and encourage each other and share our different journeys. It is really nice. I have an extra special friend in the room next door to Ellie tonight (we are non-hospital) friends as well – it was nice getting a sneaky pic of Ellie sleeping and knowing there are a few extra people watching over her for us when we are not there.

I’m not sure what happened Mummy….

Elle’s hug fest.


One thought on “Day 256

  1. Hannah, Mummy is starting a collection of photos for your 21st. Today’s is in the category of “Did I do that? No, seriously, it wasn’t me! ”
    Glad you have some support/company when there on the ward – must make life a little easier.
    Ellie looks so serious in the last photo – like she is contemplating the mysteries of life… Wouldn’t surprise me with that one that she has figured them all out!


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