Day 257

Ellie was looking great today and was happy to have visitors again. It is a bit of a slow time for her progress, but it is still so refreshing to go in and having to worry more about entertaining her and less about something going wrong. She is so strong and alert now and it is a lot of fun watching her progress.

She did lose a tiny bit of weight (100 grams or so) and now weights 5.185 kg but she has had a few things changed to her feeds (so she can grow taller and not just wider!)

We had great fun working through her new physio routine.

I have been feeling terrible all day because I managed to cut her little thumb while working away at her nails. The poor little thing already has enough jabbing and prodding without the unnecessary ones. I think she forgave me after a bit of whinging.


Fast asleep when I arrived


Hey, you weren’t here when I fell asleep!


5 thoughts on “Day 257

  1. I did that to Laura when she was tiny too. She still loves me but has never trusted me with cutting her nails since. I did take a slice of the top of one finger. Not just a nick 😳😳 Normal mummy stuff. xx


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