Day 258

Ellie was a little out of sorts today, she only slept for 40 minutes between 7am and 7pm. I can’t wait for the day I can pop her in the pram or car and take her for a walk or drive on days like this. The 40 minute nap was after she got her first taste of purees. She was a little skeptical of the spoon and the dietitian. Once I got the spoon she had a couple of licks and then when it was all over she rubbed her fingers over her messy chin and VERY happily sucked on those. This evening she was quite grumpy until she got some panadol and then still took a little convincing to fall asleep. Here’s hoping she has a good night (the sleep team are monitoring her again). My suspicion is we will have more teeth news soon.

Hannah is going well, her gums are still a little sore and she doesn’t appreciate Ellie getting any attention. Luckily she thinks she is a nurse and is happy reading charts with her ‘colleagues’.

Blood tests, sleep team assessment, physio and OT tomorrow – plus we will be trialing two two hour sessions off feeds. I will also remember to take some photos (the only one today is a blurry one of the girls watching Peppa Pig – only way to settle them both and I figure we can start the obsession early).



One thought on “Day 258

  1. So, Ellie has an affinity with the letter P – the things that made her happy yesterday were puree, Panadol and Peppa Pig. Sounds like a good combo! For most parents of babies dealing with teething is quite enough, thank you very much. You are doing a stellar job of juggling SO many balls in the air! Love the image of Hannah reading charts and conferring with her colleagues – perhaps she could be put in charge of E’s treatment plan? xo


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