Day 260

Ellie’s big improvement (to come out of Intensive Care) is providing a big new challenge for the Humphreys family. I spoke to Nate about it today, he told me it will be great when Ellie comes home because then he can have more than one parent at a time. I was also amazed at how understanding he was and how he didn’t feel like he was hard done by. He was quite happy for Ellie to have the support she needs for now. We are all learning big life lessons thanks to the beautiful gift of our girls (but we also feel like we have been in class long enough now and need a lunch break).

In true Ellie fashion, today she demanded a private room. We think she has caught the family cold and has had temperatures all day. She also gave the ward nurses a big scare by holding her breath when they tried to suction some of the mucus. So the three girls have a private room for tonight. I hope Ellie and Hannah don’t use it as an excuse to party and let Deb get some much needed sleep.

While Ellie was getting a little extra attention today, Hannah was whisked away by some amazing staff  at the NICU who had come to visit. They took her to visit a special guest and got an awesome photo!





5 thoughts on “Day 260

  1. I hope Ellie has a speedy recovery and you all had some sleep last night. What a wonderful caring little boy you are raising. You must be very proud. Beautiful photo Hannah xx


  2. We all want that “lunch break” to happen for all of you very soon. 6 year old Nate is demonstrating wisdom and compassion beyond his years – so touching that he just wants 2 parents at the same time – he’s lucky that he has such amazing “solo” parents. Hope Ellie gets over the cold as quickly as possible. How touching that her old buddies from the NICU took Hannah for a Santa photo – it’s delightful! Looking forward to a photo of 4 little Humphreys with 4 not so little Wiggles x

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  3. deb and Nat
    That is a beautiful photo of Hannah with Santa and maybe Santa will visit the ward closer to Xmas so Ellie can have won as well, or maybe poppy can dress up on one of his visits. Love following the story of Ellie and Hannah it will all come together very soon just hang in there you have each other and a four great children.

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