Day 261

Well the private room is lovely and if I wasn’t sharing it with two babies I would have had an amazing sleep! Hannah is much more settled away from the other babies and considering Ellie has a cold she wasn’t too bad. I’m not enjoying the 5:30am wake-up quite as much as the two of them though.

Ellie is coping extremely well. She is on regular panadol doses (the maximum you can be on in 24hrs), however that is the only additional medication. All her breathing support has remained the same and although she is working a little harder at times she is maintaining her oxygen saturation higher than it needs to be (just slightly less than usual).

It wasn’t a very exciting day today. The girls finally had one synchronised sleep that lasted just over an hour (thank you isolation!). Most of my day was spend looking after the girls general needs and helping/encouraging/cuddling Ellie to help her hold out for the full six hours between panadol doses, she gets grizzly after 4 hours and then won’t sleep til her next dose 😞, poor bubba. She can only get better from here, I hope!



2 thoughts on “Day 261

  1. Wow so to have a cold and the breathing support remain the same…well that sounds like another huge milestone!!
    This new situation of having the family split in two can’t be easy at all. We are hoping and praying that it won’t be much longer and you will all be together under the same roof x

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  2. Hope the snotties go away (and the teeth appear?) very soon for Ellie. That she is handling the cold with nothing more than Panadol and not needing further breathing support is a big achievement – keep growing stronger, Miss E.
    Hope you get to catch up on some sleep – guessing that even 3 hours straight is feeling like a distant memory at the moment… xo


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