Day 262

Wow time flys remember when we were excited about celebrating 150 days…..

So Ellie had a very sleepy morning and went a whole 16 hours without panadol overnight. She did however vomit out quite a bit of her NJ (feeding tube) this morning, while discussing with the nurse what to do some how she sucked it back in….. her feeds were stopped for a while but her doctor was happy to use it and not worry about whether or not it was now a NJ or NG (NG is in to her stomach). 

I heard she was a little unsettled this evening, but Granma is with her settling her down. Hopefully she doesn’t wake her up at 5:30am as well!

Ellie had a couple hours just with the nurse this afternoon (she slept for most of it) while the rest of us had some much needed family catch up time.


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