Day 264

Not sure who will blog today. Matt is at the high schools awards night sweating in a suit. He was at the hospital til 730am he had to rush away for an end of year assembly at another school. Liz the super amazing volunteer granny Ellie loves was there from 10am-1pm and Granma has been there this afternoon and tonight.

I know Ellie put on a little weight 5.3kgs now, she threw a tantrum and held her breathe because she failed the get undivided attention between visitors (it worked too the cheeky girl, she got extra dr visits and everything). I think she needs to learn there is no one on one attention at home!

I can tell you all about my weekend instead if you like. You know about our beautiful family Saturday afternoon. Sunday took Nate and Matt to a school mates pool party and Hannah, Levi and I on a cheeky cafe date. Matt left for the hospital straight after the party we all went home for a quick ‘rest’ (with 3 kids yeah right). Then it was Christmas crafty kids with kindy kids at school and mass. Then home for ‘bed’. The boys were good. Hannah managed only three 40min naps between 7am and 10pm….. I do wonder if she is missing her sister and feeling lonely in her room by herself 🙁 I hope that is it, she was a shocker today too. Today was school for Nate, play group for Levi, Hannah and I. Once again a quick ‘rest’ then school pick up and my one and  only visit to Big W before Chrissy. Hannah only cried on and off for 45mins before falling asleep just after 7, I last re-tucked the boys in at 9pm! Levi decided to have a 3pm power nap that I couldn’t wake him from while driving….. So that is how I spend my days ‘off’, just in case you are curious.

The blog will be more girl focused tomorrow, good night xx

PS sorry for the spelling errors recently I have started blogging on our iPad mini, it’s tricky sometimes.

Hannah’s new sleeping position – when she sleeps.

A reminder for my girls. I forget Hannah is leaving apart of herself behind as well.


2 thoughts on “Day 264

  1. Just reading about your days off is exhausting – don’t think I could summon the energy to actually live through them!
    I have visions of Matt, chin on chest, drooling down his front, loudly snoring through the awards night – sure hope that didn’t happen!
    I am waving my figurative wand over the Humphreys household and wishing a good (or at least not disastrous) night’s sleep to you all – children, cooperate!! x
    PS Hope Ellie is letting you get some sleep as well, Denise


  2. I will say it over and over and over again, you’re all doing an absolutely brilliant job. Maybe there’s days when you’re barely hanging on by a thread, but you’re hanging on.
    And Ellie? Well, she sounds like she is acting her age and we know this is a good thing and a big deal for a prem!! XO


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