Day 265

Not a lot happening today. Ellie was due for an impedance study (checking her reflux) and sleep study today/tonight, but it has been put off as she is still getting over her cold. It was a very quiet day otherwise – with the exception of all the noise that comes along with two almost 6 month olds.

In the last two weeks I’ve been able to catch up with some NICU graduates. It is so nice seeing beautiful chubby (!) babies. I’m not sure what it is, maybe because I am aware of the journey they have been on and still are on. But I am never jealous or wish Ellie was home too. I am just so happy to see familiar friends who understand. They seem to know what questions to ask and what to focus on. They aren’t waiting for their babies to be ‘normal’ because they already have gorgeous babies and see past Ellie’s breathing support and feeding tube also. It is a funny perspective when you see a baby and don’t notice a feeding tube or tape or a line or a Mum feeding a baby with a syringe. You just see the most beautiful loved child and a gorgeous Mums who love their babies. Our normal isn’t anyone else’s normal. But it is our normal and it’s nice having friends who understand that. I also love talking to other adults! And seeing the people who were part of our lives everyday for so long.

Thank you. And to all the preemie parents out there, don’t listen when people try to tell you what normal is – for all I know I’m the only one doing things the normal way 😂😂



4 thoughts on “Day 265

  1. What a perfect outfit for the shining star that Miss Ellie is!
    For a Mum who is super exhausted, super stretched and multi-tasking like mad, you sure make a heck of an intuitive, perceptive, mature, compassionate role model for us all, Deborah Jane. Oh, and did I forget? Quite the sage philosopher to boot… xo


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