Day 266

Someone once mentioned what an rare and extraordinary thing it would be to have every day of your life documented and recorded. Well, Ellie and Hannah, I guess you will be able to tell us what that feels like when you grow up and read this blog. Although one day we are looking forward to posting the final chapter and having the whole family at home together. (maybe we can give them a hardcover version of the blog for their 21st birthday).

The girls were proving a handful this afternoon and Deb has asked me to blog for her. Nothing new or exciting to report today, it seems the stronger Ellie gets the less there is to blog about….a great problem to have!

It is obvious both the girls are loving the extra time with their mum and each other since Ellie came out of ICU. Here are two photos from today that speak more about the importance of mum time than I could ever express in writing.

(Ellie’s photo is dark because she was hanging out with mum after bedtime).



Happy Ellie


Happy Hannah


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