Day 267

Well I came home a day early this week for Nate end of year assembly (shhhhhh, he doesn’t know I’m going yet). It never gets easier leaving Ellie – in fact it is getting harder! I’m told she has been enjoying hugs with a student nurse this afternoon.

Not too much to report at the moment. Our current biggest dilemma is getting a longer and unbroken (stretched a few to many times) cord for Ellie’s heart rate and oxygen saturation machine…’s a bit nice that is our biggest problem.

I’m waiting on the gastro team to confirm whether or not Ellie would be allowed to suck on a hard rusk, it’s just small amounts of pears and apples so far. They are also coming to chat with me about the need, possible outcomes and repercussions from possible outcomes in relation to Ellie’s impedance test. We have decided we don’t want her to have the fundoplication no matter the results, so I wonder if that will impact on the necessity of the test.

During tummy time Ellie had a fabulous time tucking her knees up under her body and using every bit of energy she had to go forwards a few centimetres. Unfortunately all the effort she put into her legs meant she was only able to hold her head up briefly and intermittently. She is looking quite chubby to me again, let’s see if she can crack 5.4 kgs on Monday.

Chill time. They can sit together now that Ellie has her funky OT chair.

I swear I laid them both long ways in the bed. I’m so glad Ellie’s bed is elevated at the head….. 😜


One thought on “Day 267

  1. Nate will be so thrilled to have you at his first end of year assembly – enjoy! I’m sure Ellie will charm lots of staff into extra hugs and attention (yes, no substitute for her Mamma, but a substitute all the same). Hope you can negotiate that hard rusk – she’ll probably devour it in no time – No competition for her Aunty “Super Gums” Louise who gnawed off the top half of a chicken drumstick bone at that age (the things we remember…)
    It might have only been a few centimetres – but Ellie commando crawled – Go Ellie!!
    Love the photos today x

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