Day 268

Ellie is looking as strong and alert as ever today, but is also very grumpy. It could be sore gums, frustration of being stuck in a bed for the last 268 days, wind, overtired or a combination of all of the above. Generally she would be happy when given attention but it had to be something new and interesting to keep her distracted from whatever was up. She is very much acting like she should be and is quickly learning the best and fastest ways to get peoples attention.


About time someone showed up to give me my hugs


One thought on “Day 268

  1. If I even had a clue what a lion sounds like when it’s making kissy noises, I could say “Well done, Matt”- but you know, I think I can see that Ellie thinks her Dadda is the best thing since sliced bread (she’ll be able to make that comparison when she gets to actually taste sliced bread!) I think that if I were in Ellie’s shoes, I’d be feeling kinda grumpy for all the reasons you state. I hope you can come up with all kinds of creative distractions for her this weekend – or maybe you just being there is what she’ll enjoy the most – take care xo

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