Day 269

Another day of no news for Ellie. I remember when she was in NICU and we longed for a day without news (no news was good news) but now the biggest challenge we have is the endurance to get through this longer phase. It is far less frightening but much more tedious.

Ellie is currently trying to master hand control and her current task is to transfer an object from one hand to the other. By the end of the day she was starting to get the hang of it.




One thought on “Day 269

  1. Boredom beats chaos anytime, huh? Ellie, now that you have mastered taking from the left hand and giving to the right, your next challenge is to give the object to the nearest grown-up and wait (patiently) for it to be given back to you. Now why do I think your fighting spirit might make you hang on like crazy to anything which you figure is yours? Hmmm…


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