Day 270

If Ellie was in a cricket game and her days in hospital were runs on the board then she has well and truly broken the club record….its time to retire Ellie! But we have so much to be grateful for and there were many times she should have been out, especially early in the innings. At the end of this innings I definitely think she has earned the right to take home the bails and boast about it for the rest of her career.


The story of Finding Nemo has many correlations to a premature bubs struggle. Nemo is attacked before he is ready to come into the world but despite the difficulties it brought him (a small fin) he stayed true to his life motto – ‘just keep swimmin’ and never gave up. I know Ellie is going to have a similar gift of endurance when she grows up, she has been forced to learn perseverance at such an early age.

Okay, that is enough analogies for one day, sorry. The weekends are quiet in regards to doctors and specialist visits so there are no real medical updates for now.



5 thoughts on “Day 270

  1. Beautiful story and with the next test due to start, Ellie will make a lot of new records and hopefully surprise everyone, she is looking great at the moment and can only go forward.
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