Day 271

It was the last daddy day today (4 in a row) and it has been really nice spending some quality time with Ellie. This morning she gave me smiles when she woke up without even having to tickle her!

To keep everyone up to date with medical things there are still two main issues Ellie has to overcome.

  1. Breathing – she is still on a high level of breathing support (high flow) and has extra oxygen in the air to help her out. She can go home with breathing support but needs to be low flow (the next step down).
  2. Feeding – she still is nil by mouth (except for tiny amounts of medicine). This means she has a feeding tube going past her stomach because she has not yet been able to tolerate anything substantial yet.

She also has all her developmental barriers that come with being born premmie and spending your whole life in a hospital bed, but she has a big sister to help her with all those things when she does come home.




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