Day 273

The only time Ellie’s download didn’t look too good was between 3am and 430am, surprisingly she was awake at that time with her prongs out most of the time. What’s impressive is it still wasn’t that bad during that time. She is in 27% oxygen! The sleep team have a month off over Christmas…… so we may not see a lot of progress over the next few weeks.

The girls have been reasonably cooperative today I was able to catch up with another old NICU friend and Hannah and I fitted a walk in, we may have wondered into best and less who had 40% off Bonds……. happy early Christmas girls!

Two failed attempts at Ellie’s weekly blood test, means another try will be had tomorrow 🙁

Early blog today while the girls have a quick nap.


7 thoughts on “Day 273

  1. Ellie continues to surprise and amaze – those results are fantastic!
    Someone needs to show Mr Bonds the photos of the Delightful Dynamic Duo in their matching outfits – you never know, it might earn you Bonds clothing for the whole family for a year! Seriously!!


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