Day 274

Very busy day with cranky babies and poo explosions, followed by poos and poos (turns out Ellie has been getting twice the amount of movicol she should have been getting……).

Ellie finally gained a little of the weight back she lost when she was sick, back up to 5.3kgs. Hannah finally got weighed again today…….. 8kgs!

We are at 153 blood donations, tomorrow there is only 3 months left to reach our goal of 200 by the girls 1st birthday.

There is a blood drive being organised by my sister Helen at Miranda on the 28th December. You can contact her if you are available or interested. Many regular donors go away over the holidays but preemie babies are still being born and requiring blood, so all donations (if you are able) are vital. Helen :


Nurses decided girls heads (hair was mentioned and then there was laughing) needed something pretty – medical supplies at their finest.


3 thoughts on “Day 274

  1. Double Movicol – poor Ellie! The weigh-ins are very impressive numbers for both girls – Hannah’s 8kg incredible! The nurses were wrong – their adorable heads did not need prettying up – however, they even make bandages look cute and stylish x

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