Day 275 – 9 months old! Or 6 months depends how you count……

Maybe 9 months in hospital, but only 6 months old.

Well the girls, mainly Hannah felt the need to celebrate this milestone a little early, like between 11pm and 2:30am….. then a couple of quick goes through out the ne t 4 hours – Ellie thought it would just be better to get up and celebrate at 630. So I’m pretty partied out tonight.

Nate finished Kindy this year, my gorgeous baby did so well and loved it so much. It was all made a little easier by his amazing teaching who understood what was happening with our family and who we all absolutely adore.

Ellie waited til Hannah and I left before she once again half pulled her NJ feeding tube out. It caused a few problems this time because her paediatrician is away at the moment. Thankfully she had an amazing advocate in her nurse that explained the plan and then told the junior doctor he had to talk to me before making decisions and I repeated exactly what the nurse said. Needless to say, 2 hours later Ellie was allowed to continue her feeds through the same tube (pushed back in) and get on with her cranky evening, no X-rays required. I am very thankful that a majority of the nurses now know Ellie well and are happy to stand up for her.

I just rang (9pm) and she is happily asleep, excited to wake up to see her Daddy who will sneak in during the night.

I forgot to take photos, sorry. Gearing up for Christmas prep week! Who is excited??? I am! Happy Birthday Jesus.



One thought on “Day 275 – 9 months old! Or 6 months depends how you count……

  1. Happy 3/4 of a year birthday, girls! Less partying at night and more sleeping, OK?
    Happy Kindergarten graduation to Nate – well done and congratulations on your award, clever boy!
    Let no junior doctor dare disagree with an experienced nurse teamed up with a Mama Bear – glad you got the outcome you wanted for Ellie.
    Enjoy the pre-Christmas week – yep, just 9 more sleeps! x


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