Day 276

Ellie has some great people helping her catch up on some developmental things. This is her special chair which she is not very fond of. It keeps her in a strong sitting position so she can try to do tricks like using both hands at once. I have never managed to keep her in it for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Ellie is a little less grumpy than yesterday. One challenge is working out when she is really in pain and when she is just trying her best to get attention (they require different responses). Today I think she has mostly been after attention as she is generally happy unless left alone. It seems Ellie is working out some tricks of her own, including how to control her Dad.

It is another Daddy weekend for Ellie and we have already caught up on some fun.

15609395_10154078155785808_1771944734_o 15595491_10154078155790808_412343359_o 15608843_10154078155815808_1314693295_o


2 thoughts on “Day 276

  1. I’m with Ellie – Deer Daddy IS funny and somehow…disturbingly… pretty
    Last photo of cranky, scowling Ellie bears a striking resemblance to Winston Churchill
    Avagoodweekend you two x


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