Day 277

I just got back to hospital after ducking out for Sunday night Mass with the family (otherwise known as the weekly 1 hour wrestling match with Levi and Hannah). Can’t wait for Ellie to join us one day and we can completely distract the entire congregation from what is happening up the front! It is the last week of Advent and we have celebrated the Advent themes of hope, joy, peace and love. Even though Ellie misses out on coming to church with us I think she still absolutely oozes those four themes. She has fought through so many obstacles and given us hope, she has the cutest giggle and brings joy to all the nurses who go out of their way to visit her, she has a peace that lets her totally trust her parents and those who care for her, and like all babies the thing she craves most is love.

Deb loves Christmas and everything that comes with it and the boys have inherited this from her. The Childrens Hospital is also unsurprisingly very much into Christmas. Today Ellie had a 15 minute nap which meant that I got a 10 minute nap. During this time a guy in a big red suit apparently visited and left her an awesome present. I am told this is just one of many Santa visits that happens, hopefully we don’t sleep through them all!



Thanks Santa!


mmm, tasty bunny!





One thought on “Day 277

  1. Your whole family oozes hope, joy, peace and love. You’ve touched and inspired so many more people than you could ever possibly know and all by just being yourselves. I hope that the magic of Christmas keeps on touching you all over the coming days. Love Jen.
    PS. You can add Shepparton SIP to you list of thoughts and prayers if you like. 😊


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