Day 280

I have been slack at getting the blog done on time recently but can make up for it tonight thanks to Deb who has taken a bunch of cute photos.

Mummy is impressed with Ellie’s physical progress. She is sitting up well, rolling well and generally grabbing at things more (especially her high flow and cot bars). Maybe all that playing with Dad on the weekends is paying off.

Ellie also had a little bit of time without breathing support today (only 10 minutes) but she did really well. It coincided with a break in her feeds meaning she was almost cord free! (she still had a foot probe on to keep an eye on her stats). In this day and age we really take wireless technology for granted, babies included. It will be so amazing to one day have Ellie free of chords and not plugged into something just like her big sis. I think they plan to do it again tomorrow and keep it in small amounts so she doesn’t get tired out.


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