Day 282

We had all six family members together today! (but didn’t get a photo, sorry). We also had a bunch of Ellie’s cousins visit from Deb’s side. It was hectic having all four kids together but it was so nice being all in the one place. We are really looking forward to Christmas day in the hospital. The latest ‘swab’ they took to check if Ellie’s virus was totally clear went missing…..meaning we will have to stay in our isolation room for Christmas (this is great news as we get a private room…..we have been accused of knowing ppl high up in the chain of command).


Some decorations are already up in Ellie’s room thanks to our generous neighbour 🙂

Ellie is doing really well and making some good progress. She had her NJ tube pulled out and now has an NG tube. This means milk is going to her stomach instead of bypassing it and she can finally have the sensation of feeling full. She has handled it beautifully and has not thrown up once. We have already seen the benefit with a 40 minute and 50 minute sleep today on top of a much improved sleep last night. She also sucked some of her medicine through a teet today and totally smashed it as if she has been bottling since birth.





2 thoughts on “Day 282

  1. So the marvellous Miss E is driving the agenda again – showing all that sucking medicine through a teat is no challenge despite the lack of practice – she must be enjoying the heck out of the sensation of a full tummy, bless her!
    The last 9 months have had many of us wondering how “well connected” you all are – but missing swabs? The famous line about moving in mysterious ways… Whatever the reason, the private room is a great win for the Christmas season – the stockings look wonderful – hope you all have a truly festive day together – Merry Christmas to all – lots of love from Uncle Doug and Aunty Julia xo

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