Day 283

I think I am setting a new record for the latest blog post, technically it is tomorrow now…..Merry Christmas! We are all very much looking forward to our family day tomorrow. A shout out to Nate and Levi who have been amazing big brothers throughout this tough year. They even took responsibility for making sure Santa knows where to find us this year!


Instructions for Santa from Nate, and a picture from Levi.

Ellie did well today. She had a grumpy afternoon but we still think it is reflux related. As always she was spoilt by the amazing staff when I ducked away for Christmas Eve Mass.



3 thoughts on “Day 283

  1. To Matt , Deb and family,
    You have had an amazing year of ups and downs and still found the time to share your journey with people like me who only know Deb’s mum through excerise classes. Ellie has come such a long way we are all so proud of her and you are right Matt, when she comes home Hannah and the boys will teach her many tricks, than when the girls start playing they will play many tricks on you all.
    So today enjoy your family Xmas hope you are all spoilt and if you can send the story of Xmas day along with the beautiful photos that will be taken.
    Love to you all on this special day
    Judy 🎄🎈🎉🍼🍾

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