Day 284 – Merry Christmas!

Today was just as we envisaged – beautiful family time together accompanied by the huge amounts of effort of keeping 4 kids entertained in a hospital. I am not sure who was more excited this morning, the nurses or the boys. Deb had given me instructions to have the room look like ‘Christmas’ and the nurses quickly wanted to join in the fun. We had two christmas trees, tinsel, hanging decorations, Santa Sacks, fairy lights, streamers and loads of presents. The boys were very impressed when they arrived.

Both girls were fairly grizzly today and both had prepared presents for their parents………wrapped in a nappy (or in Hannah’s case it was too big for the wrapping paper to contain). We keep double guessing if Ellie has a cold or not but hopefully she is just out of sorts due to teeth coming through.

We were all very excited and impressed that all four of the wiggles made the effort to come out to the hospital on Christmas Day. Apparently they do this every year which is amazing assuming they have families like the rest of us. We still have the private room which means that we got a private concert! They sung twinkle twinkle for us and at the end Lachy had fallen asleep and Nate and Levi had to wake him up.

When they were about to leave Levi got some confidence and spoke up – ‘Wait, I have something I want to show you.’ He then ran over and grabbed his new cars book (he also had a new wiggles book but thought they would like to see his favourite). The Wiggles were very politely impressed by his Disney merchandise and the whole thing played to our advantage as it stalled them enough for us to get set for a photo. This will be a great memory of a very special Christmas day, the first one for all six of us.



8 thoughts on “Day 284 – Merry Christmas!

  1. That is one impressive photo for the family Christmas album! Nate and Levi will be “dining out” on this story for some time to come… How great are the Wiggles giving up a chunk of their Christmas Day for the Kids Hospital?
    Is that narcoleptic Jeff (former Wiggle) behind Emma?

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