Day 286

Ellie toured the hallway down to theatres to check out the mural and look out the big windows today during her high flow off time. She only had two brief sleeps (20mins and 30mins) between 830am amd 630pm today, so she tired quickly. We will try to do it in the morning tomorrow and stretch it to 15mins so we can make it to the fairy garden!!

Hannah spend the day at Centennial Park with Matt, the boys and her Humphreys/Hardie cousins. They all had a marvellous time.
I am currently sitting at the table in the kitchen enjoying some non alcoholic sparkling……..

It’s now 10pm, I have finished chatting with the other two Mums. All our kids have been extremely unwell at some stage, we knew each other in the ICU and have followed each other here. C1 South is a general paeds, renal and cardiac ward specialising in babies and young children so we have kept many of our friends. One of the Mums and her baby are moving to Brisbane tomorrow so we had a rare sit down and chat.

Not too much to report other than both girls are producing a lot of saliva, possibly some more tooth news soon (although I feel like I say that a lot)



One thought on “Day 286

  1. Murals, big windows and an excursion to the fairy garden tomorrow – it’s a lovely image to think of Ellie venturing “out into the world” – baby steps now but so many adventures to come. All 6 Humphreys at Centennial Park next time…
    The bonds you must have formed with other mums of struggling kids are no doubt very strong – I’m glad there have been so many people around you who can understand this crazy ride you’ve been on xo
    PS Keep a look out for the Tooth Fairy in that fairy garden – maybe she can do something about effortless teething for H an E, rather than just a coin under the pillow a few years from now!


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