Day 288

Hannah is in my arms screaming and the boys are still awake (830pm), sp this will be brief.

First up, Happy Birthday Granma!

Ellie’s snorky nose is starting to effect Ellie’s breathing slightly. She has needed some nose (Sorry 930 now and all kiddies asleep in bed) drops and has had to have her nose suctioned a few times. Last night she was happily awake for the drops and then a few hours later slept through the suction (she screamed later today). She isn’t acting sick, she is a little attention hungry but so are most 6month olds. It is very impressive how well she is handling these viruses or whatever it is this time.

The Fairy garden was locked when we got there today so we went outside downstairs. Ellie played with a fern (and got a little bug on her) looked at some animal murals and saw a bus, she like the fern and the bus. We also stopped and looked at the Christmas tree and fairy lights at the entrance to the hospital.

Daddy went in after Granma’s party, so my solo time with Ellie is all done – it was lovely and really relaxing.



2 thoughts on “Day 288

  1. Ferns, bugs, murals, buses, christmas trees, fairy lights – that strange place called the outside world is truly wondrous huh, Miss E? Wait till you see a magical place called “home”!
    This time next year you’ll be helping Granma blow out her birthday candles (that’s even more fun than grabbing at leaves in the fairy garden) x


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