Day 289

It was great to spend a day with Ellie and there are quite a few things to be grateful for.

  1. I took her outside for her 3rd consecutive day in a row. We have been waiting for this for a while and she seems to really love it.
  2. she has managed to catch another cold and although it is making it hard to sleep she is managing much better than anyone predicted she would.
  3. Ellie still hasn’t thrown up since having an NG (milk going to her stomach). I spoke to her doctor today and he was very pleasantly surprised.
  4. Ellie is now having bolus feeds during the day (instead of milk continuously being dripped into her stomach all day long. She has handled this fantastically so far.
  5. Ellie is grabbing really well (see video above). She has made great steady progress in her development.
  6. She is smiling more and more and acting more and more like her big sister, Go Ellie!

3 thoughts on “Day 289

  1. Ellie is now discovering such beauty and wonder that awaits her, and hopefully in the not to distant future, she can share these amazing experiences with Hannah. Bring on 2017. Before this year comes to an end, I would like to say again, what a privilege it has been, to travel this journey with you both this past year. I have smiled and cried, I have prayed and received, but most of all, I believe in those three magical words, Hope, Faith and love, with these anything is possible. Best wishes to all your family for 2017 xx


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