Day 291 – 1st Day of 2017!

One of Ellie’s amazing nurses came in today and said – ‘Happy new year Ellie, this is the year you go home!’

She certainly is doing her best to make that happen sooner rather than later. She is handling her daily 10 minute trips outside beautifully, they might increase soon. She has also handled her dramatic increase in bolus milk feeds really well. She had one vomit today but is still on track to go to 4 hrs tomorrow (the max). There is even talk of maybe heading towards bottles one day…..this is amazing for a bub who was looking at a direct feeding line into her stomach just a couple of months ago.

Happy New Year to our amazing friends and family who continue to support us so closely.



4 thoughts on “Day 291 – 1st Day of 2017!

  1. The moment when you get her to look at camera – “nup, not interested, I’d rather look at these funny purple things”. These outdoor excursions must be complete sensory overload for her (in a very good way). It’s brilliant that she is handling/enjoying the sensation of food in her tummy. Hope the 10 minute excursions can stretch out longer very soon. The nurse was right – 2017 is the year she gets to go home – wonderful!


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