Day 292

After a a couple of weeks of family time over Christmas and New Year we are back into our normal routine today. Ellie ended up throwing up for a second time yesterday so her bolus will not increase today and we will go a little slower. An amazing volunteer Nanny comes in for us on Mondays and it has been two weeks since her last visit. It will be exciting for her to see how much Ellie has progressed in the last two weeks. She is so much bigger, grabs a lot more, smiles a lot more and is generally making great improvements (Ellie that is, the volunteer could already do all of those things when we met her…..)

Today the fairy garden was locked (public holiday) so I took her out the front of the hospital. She was quite fascinated by the cars as they drove past….if she keeps up that interest she will get on just fine with Nate and Levi! It is still a little weird taking her out of the hospital by myself, as my mum pointed out it wasn’t that long ago that she needed a whole resus team to follow her on a trip to the scan room.


Ellie still gets wrapped for sleep time, especially now her grabbing skills have improved.



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