Day 294

It was a day of tag teaming and a little double teaming today. The nurses said when I left the room for a minute Hannah was blowing raspberries and Ellie was laughing at her…. so I’m thinking they are ganging up on me on purpose. I did get a little help this afternoon and Nurse Hannah popped off to a 10min staff meeting. I’m told an ED doctor couldn’t resist blowing bubbles for her throughout it.

Ellie had 3 bolus feeds today (she skipped her last one because her reflux was bad and was acting like she needed to open her bowels). But they were run over one hour, 50 minutes and the last one 45 minutes. They only vomit was when her NG tube opened (on my lap) and the pressure from her reflux resulted in a nice sized puddle on my lap (perfectly timed, as my washing had just finished). Ellie has also been given permission to have 5-10mls of her feed through a teat.

Ellie’s left thigh has big hard lumps and bruises all over it, thankfully we get another Doppler in two weeks time to assess whether or not we need to continue with clexane. She also gets a blood test every Wednesday to test her clotting levels as clexane is a blood thinner.

Ellie was off her high flow for 17 minutes today and we made a flying visit to the NICU to say hi to a couple of the girls old nurses.

Ellie was a little tired for her physio session today, but was sitting almost unassisted and doing amazingly. Hannah got a physio session also she sat completely unassisted for three 5 minute sessions, before completely throwing herself backwards. Hannah is a miracle n her own right. Matt and I were once presented with the idea of cutting twin two’s cord (Ellie) to prevent Hannah being so preemie and all the problems associated with that. Hannah is currently well above the curve for development for her corrected age, is fitting very well into size 0 clothes (there are generally advertised for 9-12month olds) and her only issue is that she manages to poo out her nappy and up the front/back of all her clothes at least once a week. Praise God for our other miracle Hannah.

I have added a super quick tour of the ward, obviously I couldn’t include nurses or other patients, but just an idea of what our second home looks like.


4 thoughts on “Day 294

  1. Good on you Ellie I see you still have your own room. May you keep having snot blocks but not the sort Uncle Andy talks about yet ie: vanilla slice – that will come later. Love Nan xx


  2. 17 minutes off high flow, sitting up almost unassisted, laughing at big sister’s antics when Mummy left the room, 5 – 10mls through a teat – I’m lovin’ all these wonderful images of a rapidly progressing Ellie. Hannah, being taken off to staff meetings and having doctors blowing bubbles at you – could it be you’re just a total charmer??

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