Day 295

Ellie’s download looked great on 25% oxygen!! So she gets to stay. She also had a nice long 22 minute adventure today. She also slept for about 1 1/2 hrs after solids, a milk bolus, bath and her adventure!

Ellie had 5mls of milk at the beginning of two of her feeds today also. She cried a little bit after, I’m pretty sure she was after more.

Other than that we just had a day of lots of photos….

Plants feel funny after the rain and my feet got wet!

I have never been here before (Barker St entrance). It was very bright.

Floor time.

Hangin’ out in Ellie’s bed during grumpy afternoon time (was cuter when they were both holding on).

Dress up time! (There were extra Wiggles presents handed out today)


4 thoughts on “Day 295

  1. That sounds like a much better sleep today, and lovely to see Ellie had a great new adventure. I’m pretty sure they both get cuter and cuter with each photo.


  2. Dorothy the Dinosaur better watch out – she’s got some very serious competition – then again the hat makes you look like some kind of goofy, prehistoric Russian Cossack!
    Some gorgeous photos of the Humphreys women today (even goofy Dorothy) – love Ellie in sunnies, Hannah has the beamiest smile ever- face it, you’re all just too cute!!
    PS Ellie, the little cry you had after just 5 mls of milk may have been too subtle – Mummy was only “PRETTY sure she was after more” – but who am I to advise you of all people how to get a message through – you’ll soon figure out how to get what you’re after!


  3. Ellie is too cool for school in those sunnies 😎😎😎 Hannah is positively out-of-control cheeky (at least she looks it in those photos!!). You are going to have a fun filled, adventerous life with your 4 kiddies 👬👭


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