Day 299

I may have forgotten to take a photo today so you will have to forgive me for a text only post.

Ellie’s doppler scan did happen today. It ended up being just when she was due for food and a sleep, which meant she was not very compliant. Eventually the scan was done but unfortunately we have to wait for a senior dr to look at it before anyone will tell us if the clot is still there or not. (I tried to sweet talk the scan ladies but they wouldn’t budge). We are hoping to have news on the scan tomorrow and we will keep you all posted.

She is also in a much better mood than two days ago and it is great to have our smiling bubba back.

Last night I listed some of Ellie’s traits, and as Hannah often gets left out of the blog these days, I thought it would be nice to write some of hers down just incase the girls read through the hundreds of blog posts one day!


Hannah you are;

Joyful – Happy Hannah is often labeled by people as ‘the happiest baby ever.’ She has an infectious grin and is almost always willing to use it.

Enthusiastic – Hannah is super keen for life, she will grab, pull, kick, lunge and bite at anything she can. She just wants to experience everything

Social – Hannah loves spending time with lots of different people, especially at the nurses desk. We are not sure if universities will credit you with this experience when you are older, but it can’t hurt to ask

Understanding – We may have forced this one on you, but you have never complained about being brought into this world too early. You love your sister so much and you have absolutely thrived on all the experiences being a prem has brought your way. Being prem hasn’t held you back and your acceptance of it has let you surprise many doctors and specialists with your ‘off the charts’ progress and development

Strong – Early on, a doctor once said you girls would never be sporting stars because of your lung damage. You are well on your way to proving them wrong and your development is amazing. We are dreading you crawling soon, but give us time and we will start supporting you in whichever movements you decide to specialise in.



5 thoughts on “Day 299

  1. Still keeping fingers and toes crossed for a good result with E’s scan.
    Hannah, if you are reading this (I’m sure you will one day), you’ll realise how very loved you are – your Daddy has expressed that love so beautifully in describing you.
    Matt, don’t think it was intentional, but do you realise that Hannah’s traits when turned into an acrostic spell JESUS? Who says you lot don’t have a higher power on your side? x


    • Hi Aunty Julia,

      I have to be honest, when I was up to the last letter I did suddenly realise that I was one letter away from spelling Jesus, so I then worked hard to make the last letter S. I knew there would be some observant person who would also pick it up! *Matt


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