Day 300!

At 50 days both our girls were in hospital

At 100 days Ellie was intubated recovering from her second bout of sepsis

At 150 days, we celebrated our miracles as Ellie recovered from pneumonia 

At 200 days we were preparing Ellie and ourselves for the move to the Kids hospital (it happened 2 days later)

At 250 days we had not long been on the ward and were adjusting to being able to spend so much time with our babies or for me both my babies together.

At 300 days we are celebrating our daughters beautiful lives and all the amazing things they have achieved. While also saying farewell to our last friend left (they are going home), this is super exciting for them- but it means I’m going to have to find some new Mums to hang out with.
Well….. no more encephalons, no more clexane and no more weekly blood tests! Happy 300 day Birthday Ellie!
I have been running late all day. After a 4pm lunch, I am now having a 930 dinner with Hannah looking over my shoulder from her cot. No doubt making sure I include pictures of her. Ellie’s companion, ie Hannah, is now being provided with meals. I was talking to the speech therapist and she organised it. Hannah isn’t a big fan of purée and loves feeding herself so she now get toddlers meals. She very much enjoyed her grill fish and roast potatoes for dinner tonight (she might be shocked when she comes back home). It was hilarious watching her try to squash big handfuls of fish into her mouth.

Ellie got a good dose of sunshine today. She seemed more interested in the hallway than the fairy garden so we walked down to the Women’s hospital entrance and went into the amazing sun for about 10mins it was beautiful!

Ellie also had some purée, a small amount of milk through a teat, both girls had a bath and they both enjoy their new playpen (it’s really a ball pit) with their birthday balloons. We went for an underwater theme and I got them Nemo (for Ellie of course) and the little mermaid for Hannah.

We stuck up all our old pictures and some new ones and gave out party bags to all the nurses, with a special personalised note from Hannah and Ellie.

Ellie did have one vomit today,  but there was a miscommunication and she had her first two feeds over half an hour. Yesterday she was having them over one hour. I may have been sitting Ellie up and playing with her because I didn’t realise it was going through so quickly as well. All sorted now and feeds ran very successfully over 45 minutes for the rest of the day.

Ellie has been really happy and settled all day also. Loving being able to grab back at her sister.

Oxygen trial at 23% tonight…..


Party day with my balloons.

300 days old, woohoo!

Fish is SOOOO good Mum!


5 thoughts on “Day 300!

  1. I love these girls and this update so much ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ Happy 300 days Hannah and Ellie xxxxxxx

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  2. Can’t even begin to contemplate the progress over 300 days. Hannah trying to jam a piece of fish happily into her mouth, Ellie going for walks out into the sunshine – wow! If you could have had a sneak peek at Day 300’s post at many scary days in the past, what a boost it would have been, huh? Makes you wonder what day 400 will look like…
    Congrats to you all xo

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