Day 303

There is finally a little white pointy pyramid type shaped thing in Ellie’s lower gum! Hopefully that is the reason for our grumpy vomity baby yesterday.

Otherwise not a lot going on at the moment. The boys came for a quick visit and the six of us had a bit of chill time in the fairy garden.

O and I almost forgot Ellie sat all on her own for 1-2 seconds today!! No hands Mum!


Yep, I saw a camera *cue to smile*

BANG! Want me to help you sit up???

Hannah, quick look. Haha made you look! *Ellie

It’s not size, it’s who’s higher up the bed that counts.

Yoghurt is yummy!!!

Lasted 5 seconds before Hannah pulled the whole thing closer to her….

Tell me why I was taken out of my cot only to be put in a different baby cage???


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