Day 305

Well we are all exhausted! Ellie was babysat by grandparents and her Aunty over the weekend (we all know what happens when the parents are out – party time). The rest of us spend Saturday and Sunday in the city on a holiday. On Friday morning it was suggested I tell my social worker we were going so they we could possibly get some aquarium tickets. Well she came through with Aquarium tickets, wild life world tickets and a hotel in the city for Saturday night!!

Our adventure started on Friday afternoon when the boys came in to the hospital for Ellie’s walk, then I took the boys and Hannah for a night at Kensington (it is such an amazing blessing to be able to stay so close to the hospital). We then got up and spent about 2 hours with Ellie before we set off. Saturday was the Aquarium, a little play at Darling Harbour, a trip to our hotel and then back to Darling Harbour for fireworks (totally worth for the look on Nate’s face, the other two weren’t as keen). By the time we got back at around 10pm, 20,000 steps later we were all pooped.

This morning was a beautiful buffet brekky and then Hyde Park and a quick train trip to Circular Quay, a ferry ride to Watson’s Bay, past the Sydney Opera House (one of Nate’s favourite places) and then back for ice-cream, a train ride and walk back to our car and home. Doesn’t sound like much but with 3 kids, Matt having a bad Friday night with Ellie (she likes ripping her prongs off her face now) and Hannah and I having been away from home since Tuesday morning, it was amazing and tiring. I would do it again I a heartbeat though. The kids loved it and it was so so so nice spending some time together.

Some brief notes from Ellie’s baby sitters:

Granma and Aunty Rach: I loved the smiles and interaction and handholding (at Ellie’s instigation) and cuddling and reading to her as she tries to turn the page and just being with her.

Wow she is sitting up so much stronger. When on her tummy she can hold her head so high and turn to look around and is starting to circle. I know you know this but I am impressed by the improvement each week. The other big improvement is the way she now reaches for things especially when sitting and uses both hands to explore them. Ellie really enjoys her balloon. I love the way she grabs at it.

The nursing staff is great. So many just come in to say hello to Ellie. Ellie loves to watch the nurses at their desk and when sitting if someone standing blocking her view of the desk she will move her body so she can see it again.

Aunty Sonia: (summarised) Ellie is adorable, she slept through til 530am (yuk! I normally through toys in her bed and hop back on mine 😂😂) and Aunty Sonia thinks Ellie is an angel.

Nan and Papa:  We have had lots of smiles and some grumpiness especially near feed time. We read The Very Cranky Bear and Captain Crabclaws Crew plus played with the toy bar both laying down and sitting in her chair. We had lots of cuddles. It was lovely catching up with Ellie.

* Deb

 Photo time!


Penguin boat ride at the aquarium

It was very bright this morning on the way to Hyde Park (we forgot our hats, Daddy went back for them)

Watson’s Bay, old Humphreys land

Nate LOVES playing tourist in the city.


3 thoughts on “Day 305

  1. So glad you got to have a much deserved family break. The social worker really came through (judging by the primo view from your hotel room!). It was lovely of the grandparents and Aunties to keep Ellie company over the weekend – sounds like they all enjoyed seeing first hand just how far she’s come. Hopefully it won’t be too long till Levi gets to show her that impressive shark and Nate gives her a running commentary on the touristy highlights of Sydney town – hope you all got a good catch up sleep last night xo


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