Day 306

The girls are 10 months old today! How crazy to think that it has been 10 months since we were told we would not be going home during our 24 week scan (I think it was two week before the bubs came???  Deb will have to confirm).

It was great seeing Ellie today after spending the weekend with the rest of the family. Her amazing volunteer carer who comes in on a Monday always notes how different Ellie is each week. Seeing her regularly we don’t notice the differences as much until they are pointed out. She is smiling and interacting so much more. Today, after our 15 minute walk outside, she was full of conversation on the way back. I think she was telling us how much she loved going outside.


(also, a quick memory of our holiday below thanks to Nate. This was so Ellie could see the cool things as well).


I have sore gums daddy and I don’t want to fall asleep in my bed anymore.


4 thoughts on “Day 306

  1. Nate, when you grow up you might be able to get a job as a Getaway reporter – where you get to go on holidays just to show people what a great place it is to go. That was excellent commentary – one tiny point – Uncle Doug wanted to point out that the ships are NAVY ships.
    Happy 10 months to the girls – hope those pesky toothy pegs “resolve” soon x


  2. Thanks for the tour Nate, I loved it. What an amazing view you had. Loving all the updates and the growth the girls are making. Teeth! YUCK! Enjoy your 10month celebrations.


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