Day 307

Well Matt, I had the scan and got admitted on Monday, the girls were born on Wednesday. 2 days, 2 weeks…. same thing. It has been a crazy 10 months though and that feels like forever ago!!

It was nice to hang out with Ellie and Hannah today. They are both becoming demanding 10/7 month olds, hospital adds to this challenge. We weren’t allowed to go for our walk today to break things up either. Ellie respiratory rate (how quickly she breathes) was higher than usual so they wanted to let her rest. Just to give you an idea her average resp. rate is between 45-55, today it was in the mid to high 70s. Most kids her age would be somewhere in the 30s, she works very hard. No one is really worried about her, we just didn’t think she needed to work any harder. Earlier this evening her resp. rate was about 32 and she kept de-saturating, the poor kid can’t win.

We are working on speeding her feeds up, they normally run over 45 minutes we are aiming to having them running over 30 minutes by Thursday. It is being reduced this slowly because Ellie has to learn to tolerate bigger volumes and I have to learn not to play with her (too much) during or just after a feed. If it is successful she will go to 4 hourly feeds during the day on Tuesday, she will keep her continuous overnight feeds.

Busy week here this week, between daily and sometimes twice daily doctors visits, Australian hearing taking new hearing aides moulds (this happens every 3 weeks), someone from the Royal Deaf and Blind Society’s Matilda Rose Centre is coming to try and set up her early intervention, plus her weekly dietician appointment, her weekly or sometimes twice weekly speech pathologist, physiotherapy and OT sessions. Plus Hannah’s physio session. Plus looking after two 10 month olds it can get pretty busy around here – the extra appointments this week just make it a touch busier. At least I’m not travelling to all these appointments, yet…..



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