Day 308

Ellie decided last night would be a great night to muck up and desaturated quickly and com back up numerous times. It was download night so she will probably look bad. I’m going to ask for a redo if they want to change any of her settings. Every week her download isn’t right ultimately is an extra week here. Hopefully they let us have our redo tomorrow so we don’t have to wait til next Tuesday.

It was a busy day, but just really nice. It should have been hard and frustrating and exhausting but as I reflected on it this afternoon it was quite a grace filled day. I didn’t get a great sleep with Ellie mucking up and the girls were up early full of smiles and ready to go early on. By the time they had played, Hannah had been fed, nappies had been changed and yoghurt had been eaten by both of them it was about 830 and I was definitely ready for brekky! Hannah slept for a while, Ellie her usual 30mins just in time for the lady from Matilda rose to show up, 15mins in the physio showed up, as did a CICU/ward friend, of course it was also Hannah’s feed time. This all went by in a blur and very little was absorbed by me, the conclusion was both girls are developing well at there own rates and Ellie is looking good in terms of communication (obviously she still needs intervention but she is ahead of the game already – lots of kids don’t like wearing their hearing aides so this is a big advantage for us).

Towards the end of this I quickly packed up the girls and took them over to the NICU to visit a doctor who is leaving soon, unfortunately she raced away 45 seconds later to save another baby. We chatted to a few of the others and they were very happy to see how well the girls were going. The girls were exhausted at this stage particularly Ellie so we raced back and got them into bed. Ellie had a quick 10min nap before her feed started and decided that was enough. It only took a little work to get Hannah off for a 40 min nap.

An hour of trying to settle Ellie, with a doctor visit squeezed in and Ellie’s beautiful nurse told me to go for a walk and she would look after her. I quick 30min walk and I come back to Ellie sleeping and a visit from a friend. We worked out although we had seen each other we hadn’t really sat down and talked for about 6 years, it was really lovely hearing all about her family and just hearing about life outside of my little sanctuary.

After that both the girls were up and cranky. At 430 I decided it was too late for a nap and too early for Ellie’s nighttime sleep and mentioned to a nurse not looking after Ellie that I might give the girls a bath. Well she loves bathing babies and wanted to do it, Ellie’s actual nurse was also excited so I was sent off for a shower while my babies and the nurses enjoyed getting wet (they put them in together, always results in lots of splashing).

After that it was cranky baby time and lots of nurse visits and chats. An hour and a half later and they were both asleep, 730 and it was my dinner time!

So it terms of the blog a bit of a boring day. But this week I thought I would share some insight into what my days are like. As hectic as it sounded it felt like a really blessed day and there was always someone there to talk, offer the right sort of help or just be there at all the right times.


The physio grabbed the iPad and took some pics of Ellie showing off on her belly. She is rolling back to tummy, pivoting on her tummy and holding her head up high for periods of time. When in the mood she rolls tummy to back also.

 (this is the outfit Hannah was wearing in her hospital Santa photo – Ellie looks little compared to Hannah but is getting huge! 5.9kgs)

4 thoughts on “Day 308

  1. Pushing for a re-do of the download sounds like a good idea – use your best powers of persuasion (if that fails, hold your breath and stamp your foot – actually can’t imagine you chucking a tanty…)
    Ellie’s weight very impressive plus she looks like she’s doing a full-on push up in one of the photos – you’re one tough cookie, Miss E.
    Glad you’re feeling so well supported – the staff in that place sound so very special – night, night, sleep tight x


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