Day 311 – Yesterday’s catch-up

Sorry about yesterday. It was a pretty quiet day. Ellie’s sitting up has improved enormously, she still tires quickly but two weeks ago Hannah did also. We seem to be back in a faze of Ellie speedily catching up again. She has looked huge all week as well.

In all the excitement last weekend I forgot to tell you all the surgeon couldn’t feel Ellie’s hernia’s and we haven’t seen them for months so they are happy to assume they have corrected themselves, this does happen occasionally. I’m becoming more and more convinced Ellie is Wolverine – self healing, can hide in a corner and not really be noticed but can also be the biggest presence in a room. Most likely capable of kicking butt if she needed to as well (obviously I have only ever seen the movies). This reminds me of a quote in her room that I find impossible not read read at least once a day.

“Fate whispered to the warrior ‘You cannot withstand the storm’ the Warrior whispers back ‘I am the storm'”

I like to think Ellie is saying Inam the storm with authority to well everyone. The sepsis the struck her twice, the PDA they thought she would need surgery for, the pneumonia, the trachy surgery, the hernia’s. The doctor who told us to cut her cord to save Hannah and all the drama prematurity would bring to her, the doctor who said it would be better for them to be non viable rather than have babies born between 25 and 30 weeks. Anyone and everyone who ever doubted her or said she would never be able to d the things she is doing. Every person she surprises – there are a lot of I expected her to look sicker, be smaller, not doing that. As well as that’s not really how kid normally reacts to having hearing aides most don’t like them or aren’t making that many noises or laughing or crying when Mum forgets to put them in.

When it comes to Ellie never expect the norm, because you will be disappointed.

I think I got off track but I like Wolverine and would be happy for my daughter to display the same powers.
I will let Matt fill you in on what has happened today.


Yesterday mornings fun and games (Ellie is getting bigger)

Visitors rafter Mummy left yesterday

Hanging out on the lounge with Stacey

Yay! Karli came to visit.

Hannah today with Papa

Some old photos I found, thought we could all revisit together

Tummy time NICU style

When they were still allowed to sleep together

Hi Aunties! The first of many Family meetings

Mummy I got pneumonia ☹️

When Fridays were Hannah’s boy days

Ya wanna fight?!

Who am I?

The most frustrating photo ever taken!

Twinning. Less than 6kgs combined

Ellie’s first real bath 😂

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