Day 311 – today’s catch up

It was so great to see Ellie again for a Daddy day today. We missed out last week because of the family holiday in the city, so we made sure to make up for lost time. I, like Deb, was shocked at the size of Ellie. She is such a big girl now, and this was proven when I arrived to find her in one of Hannah’s outfits and it fitted her nicely. Her development has come on in leaps and bounds and she is quickly catching up to her sister, fuelled by her incredible determination.

I remember one of the bigger pressures I felt was being warned that Ellie would more than likely encounter several sever disabilities if we continued with the pregnancy. While this obviously did not turn us off, it did weigh heavily on my mind. Today, I was amazed at how ‘able’ this little girl really is. Her only currently known disability (her hearing) hasn’t held her back at all. Today, one of the nurses noticed Ellie started smacking her lips when I put her in the blue chair close to her next bolus feed (when she is most hungry). She told me that Deb normally fed her yoghurt in that chair and it almost looked like Ellie was trying to tell us she was hungry. Without fail, 30 minutes before every other feed today, she did the same thing . She waited until someone was looking at her and then she began smacking her lips. Most babies would revert to just crying until the parents worked out what was wrong, but our clever communicator has worked out something more efficient.


Dad, why are you trying to play with me in my feeding chair?….where is my yoghurt!


5 thoughts on “Day 311 – today’s catch up

  1. She looks positively bereft at getting grab toys instead of food! So having devised this creative, fairly obvious method of communicating her desire for something tasty to the thick as brick adults around her, DID SHE GET THE YOGHURT?????

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