Day 313

I agree with Deb, it is getting harder to say goodbye to Ellie the bigger she gets. She is such an alert, interactive little human now, and her intent little gaze is hard to leave. That said, having an amazing volunteer come in who Ellie absolutely adores makes it easier.


Ellie and her Ward Granny ‘Liz’.

Ellie, this is your volunteer Nanny ‘Liz’. She comes in every Monday just to spend some quality time with you, including stories, singing, dancing and lots of chatting. When Liz arrives, you always give her big smiles and you are very happy for Daddy to hurry up and leave so I stop interrupting your hang out time with her.

Ellie has been spending 20-25 minutes off her breathing and handled it amazingly again today. She really is progressing along quickly. She is also eagerly gobbling up anything we offer orally (yoghurt, milk or medicine). With the hernias now ‘gone’, these are the only two things to fix up before she can come home (breathing and eating). Go Ellie!



Both the girls really really like balloons!


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