Day 314

Wow it has been a tiring week. Matt is gearing up for full on work again after the school holidays and kicked that off with a one night camp last week and a two night camp this week. That combined with the girls teething and Levi not being able to sleep through the night – it has been pretty full on.

It is so wonderful spending time with Ellie at the moment. She is doing so well. Ellie will start on 4 hourly feeds tomorrow and if that goes well we will work on decreasing her overnight feed to make way for more solids. She gained to much weight again this week, 170grams – the aim is 100grams. Spreading her feeds out and reducing her milk volumes will make her hungry but hopefully she will be interested in more and more solid feeds which is our ultimate aim.

For the first time in a long time I feel so close to the finish (approx 3 more months is close, relative to the 10 months we have already spend here). This is both exciting and scary. All of this has been such a big part of our lives it will be nice but odd to leave. Also having Ellie at home will be great but also a little scary.

The girls are interacting more and more everyday.

They are both improving with there solids as well (Matt your right it is really hard to film and feed at the same time!)

Ahhhhhh!! My videos aren’t working, girls eating will be added to tomorrow’s blog, hopefully.
​We are having lots of playtime on the floor – bed gets BORING after 10+ months, plus at home Ellie will be on the floor playing all the time. Ellie sat up all on her own for a few seconds today, then tipped to the side – she is getting closer all the time!

So the girls birthday are coming up (it’s February next week give me a break). I totally LOVE birthdays. We will be in hospital for the girls birthday this year so the six of us will probably just have a little hospital party, but we were thinking of asking people to do the following, one for each girl, what do you all think??

OK Having some video technical difficulties, will try to upload it tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Day 314

  1. Loved watching the video of the girls feeding. Life sounds so very busy at the moment (and no doubt into the future) – you’re probably wishing you could turn yourself into an identical twin – that or grow a second set of arms and hands! x


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