Day 315

Well the feeding video did work!

Here is the thing we want to do for the girls for their birthday, what do you think??

Today was busy. Ellie had her first day of 4 hourly feeds, combined with slightly less volume – so she was hungry. However she did have two solids feeds which is the direction we are heading. For the next few days she will get about 60% of her milk overnight but when Matt and I think she is ready this will lessen and her bolts feeds during the day will increase. I’m also changing her feed times to coincide with Hannah’s tomorrow – sleeps and solid feeds are too hard to sync when milk feeds aren’t.

I dressed the girls matching after their bath today (sorry Matt, but it is cute sometimes) anyway Ellie made her point that she is an indivual by pooing up the back of her suit. Same style different pattern now.

Hannah slept through physio today but Ellie is doing amazingly and continuing to impress.

We got rained out on our walk today and ran into a NICU doctor that hasn’t seen Ellie since she first came to the ward and she was amazed at the changes in her. Sometimes it is good to see her progress through the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen her for two months.

Sorry no photos today.


3 thoughts on “Day 315

  1. I think the idea is wonderful. What any of us may write to both Hannah and Ellie at this milestone birthday will hopefully impress upon them by the time they reach adulthood just what a profound impact they’ve had on so many people. They are both so very special and need to know that at a time in their lives when they can truly understand it. What an amazing 18th it’s going to be x

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  2. Great idea, I’m sure the girls will love it on their 18th birthday. Ellie I’m sure will appreciate reading all the warrior princess notes, seeing as how she will still be in hospital for her birthday. Hannah will love it too xoxo


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