Day 316

Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging, especially when not much has happened like today. I think it feels like a lot of effort (really only about 10mins) just to let a few people know what is going on. However when I opened the app it said our blog had had 85 views just today. 110,000+ in the last ten months and our best day was close to 2,500 views (that was the 12th June – the day before had been the one day we haven’t blogged, I suspect many people just checked it many times to see if Ellie was OK).

So although not much happened today, it struck me that I don’t have to tell you how whingy the girls have been, because they have been great. Hannah is a little hard to get to bed at night, but not in pain. Ellie has been a dream, the only time she whinges is when a feed is coming up because she gets hungry. Her 4 hourly feeds are going amazingly and there is talk of getting her off the continuous feeds overnight. So she will just have 5 feeds over a 24hr period. She looks fantastic, big, strong, growing up so quickly the few days I have off I feel like I am missing it. Also I got a super cute photo of her today while we were outside.

The lady (who Ellie already likes) from Matilda Rose at Bondi is coming back tomorrow so we can have another play and fill in some forms so we can get officially started on Ellie’s early intervention. This is potentially one appointment every week with lots of homework. On top of physio, OT and whatever other appointments we will need to make once we leave…..

Ellie and Hannah’s feeds were at the same time for the first time ever today! It will make it easier to finally get into some sort of a routine especially with them both now on solids.

Our days seem full, yet sometimes I don’t feel like we get very much done. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Forgot we did this today. Playpen time.


4 thoughts on “Day 316

  1. I love this post because even though confined to the hospital it sounds like normal parenting, filled with full days but not much getting done…Don’t forget this is the “stuff” of life xxx

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  2. Thank you both for always taking the time to blog – it keeps those of us at a distance up to speed with how you are all going – something very important to us. I often wonder (and marvel) at how you find the time and discipline to do it. One day the girls are going to read every word of it – don’t know about anyone else, but I have no clue what my first 12 months on earth were like. They’ll be amazed at themselves, touched by the love shown to them and probably extremely grateful for the very fact of their life.
    PS Hope your days keep being ordinary, busy, non-eventful Mummy and twinnies days – the best kind!

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  3. Thank you Deb for blogging, we love knowing what has been going on with your treasures every day and eventhough I dont always comment trust me have loved being kept informed on their progress. I have kept every blog and was only thinking yesterday, I should print it and have my own book. Much love xxxxxx

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