Day 317

Busy day because I leave at 1pm which makes it short (she is doing well, I just rang – just wanted attention).

Ellie is handling the amount of milk she is getting incredibly well, the wait for said milk however not so much. The aim is to get her to eat more solids, but she hasn’t yet associated eating with satisfying hunger so there is a bit of crying, a lot of hugging and some eating twice to three times a day.

We had a visit from the Matilda Rose Centre again (part of RIDBC) who will be taking on Ellie’s early intervention. Although she was a little more wary today and mostly just watch Hannah interact with her, hopefully she sees Hannah is ok and will be more open next week.

Hannah is having a very chatty day today and performed perfectly (better than she had previously) for the camera to show off her talking for you all. And a photo because she is cute ❤ While we are on Hannah, the crazy kid keeps chewing on her big toe despite all those sharp teeth!



5 thoughts on “Day 317

  1. Too cute Hannah! They always find Dadda easy but not Mumma. Love the way she was still thinking about how to say Mum Mum when you cued her the second time with Dadda and she actually managed Mum Mum – what a supremely clever child you have – it’s genetic, of course…

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