Day 318

Ellie had a great day today. She has changed so much over the week and I really noticed the difference today from last week. She is bigger, her eating has improved dramatically, she is sitting up better again, and today she decided to show daddy her newest trick….Dancing! I was making silly sounds, which is nothing out of the ordinary for me, and Ellie took a particular fancy to a clicking sound I made with my tongue. Soon enough, it turned into a game and, for the rest of the day, Ellie would dance on cue whenever I made the sound! It was great fun and a side to Ellie we haven’t seen before.

Her bolus feeds increased today to 120mls every 4 hours which means her overnight feed will be two hours shorter (10pm-6am).

Ellie charming some visitors today with her smiles during a tour of the fairy garden.


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