Day 319

One thing that has astounded me about our girls, is their will to live. So often, there are times when we want to give up as adults and wish we could just disappear, but the girls are the epitome of ‘keen for life’. Hannah is desperate to absorb anything she can and she grabs at everything in reach….literally. She also is desperate to smile and chat with whoever’s attention she can catch. Ellie is equally as desperate to watch everything she can and will twist around twice just to watch what the nurses are doing around her.

If you believe in a creator God, you would have to say ‘good idea’ to the fact that babies have this eagerness to help them get established in this rough world. It is a shame we can lose it at times when we get older. So many people are invested in the journey of these two little girls and maybe part of the reason is because their ‘never give up’ attitude inspires us to not give up ourselves. No matter what life has thrown at them, the girls have stepped up to the challenge and grabbed it with both hands (and have the battle scars to prove it).

Today, Ellie’s challenges are much smaller, but she is still tackling them with the same enthusiasm. She is surprising everyone with how well she is eating solids, her visits outside have just been approved to be twice daily, and she has worked out that if she holds tightly onto the hands of visiting nurses, they will stay longer and give her more attention.

Thank you Ellie and Hannah for not only inspiring your parents, but also inspiring the amazing throng of quality people that are journeying with us.

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