Day 320 – Ellie GRACE

When we were finalising names for the girls, we had the combination Hannah Grace and Ellie Rose. When we realised how much of a struggle Ellie was going to have, we switched the middle names around so she could have the namesake of Grace.

“…..GRACE is favour, the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call to become children of God…”

And it has often been mentioned how Ellie has lived up to her namesake.

Deb and I are often asked something along the lines of – ‘how are you able to handle this and keep going?’  The truth is, we don’t know, we certainly haven’t trained or prepared for what life has thrown at us, but, still, we have been getting through each day. It definitely feels like Grace. The support we have received in many many ways has been freely given and certainly not earned, and it has allowed us to respond to our call to be parents. Thank you to everyone who have been providers of the grace we continue to receive.


Ellie has had another fantastic, energetic and demanding day. At home, Nate has started year 1 and Levi will start preschool this week!


p.s. As a close friend pointed out, Hannah actually translates to – Favour/Grace, so she didn’t miss out either!

5 thoughts on “Day 320 – Ellie GRACE

  1. Months back when I looked up the meaning of Hannah and saw that it was Hebrew for favour or grace, it was a bit of a hair standing on end moment!
    Six happy, smiling Humphreys – lovely to see! You are a very photogenic lot x
    PS Hope your first day of Year 1 went well, Nate

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  2. Continuing the question of name choices – happy coincidence/ self-fulfilling prophecy? One of the Hebrew meanings of Elizabeth is “My God is bountiful”.
    On a lighter note, it just occurred to me that Hannah’s initials – HRH – are short for Her Royal Highness! While we all know these girls are destined for great things, just how far is Hannah planning to go??

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